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Residential Real Estate Update – May the 4th 2023

    Residential Real Estate Update

    The real estate market in Perrysburg and the surrounding areas continue to be a tough market for buyers of residential real estate.  For example, today the inventory of available single family and condo/villa properties in Perrysburg is around 60 units.  On a bigger scale, for Lucas County that number is 448 and Wood County is 114 properties available for sale.  This is great news for sellers of residential real estate, but bad news for buyers.  Available listing continues to have very competitive multi offers from buyers that is driving up prices. 

    The rental market appears to be following the same trend as residential home sales.  Rent rates are up and heightened competition for available rental homes, townhouses and apartments units.

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    Toledo Lead Law Update

    “Toledo’s lead-law injunction continues as case remains under review
    The preliminary injunction to stop Toledo’s lead-safe certification rental law from going into effect remains standing following an April 27 court hearing.

    For at least seven years, Toledo has tried to enact a lead-safe ordinance that can withstand legal challenges to no avail.

    Judge Cook granted a preliminary injunction April 1, which was the day the new lead ordinance was scheduled to be enforced. In a Wednesday statement, Toledo confirmed it would not enforce the lead-safe ordinance.

    In the latest version of the lead ordinance, owners of residential rentals with four or fewer dwellings built before 1978 must have their properties inspected for lead paint while also obtaining lead-safe certificates from the Toledo-Lucas County Health Department.”

    Source:  The Blade May 3, 2023