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Waterville Ohio Homes and Real Estate

Homes for sale in Waterville, Ohio, have been rapidly on the upswing, with several prospective homeowners eagerly looking forward to calling Waterville their home. Among the many factors in favor of Waterville is its location, so close to Toledo, whereby many folks working in big city Toledo prefer to reside in quaint Waterville and make the daily commute to Toledo, which is anyway not a long distance away.

Further, Waterville has many homes on offer, especially single-family homes, including new houses for sale and foreclosure listings. That way, any first-time home buyer (in particular) can quickly go over the various listings of properties and ultimately choose the best property that meets their expectations.

And mind you, all of this comes at a reasonable price. Therefore from the value proposition front, Waterville indeed rules the roost completely. The value, in turn, has proven to be another factor behind many folks choosing to reside in Waterville since they know that they will get “maximum bang for their buck” in the village.

Landmarks in Waterville Oh

The Colombian House, built by John Pray in 1828, is by far the most prominent landmark of Waterville and its epicenter. While there are several urban legends surrounding the building, the fact that it is closed for entry implies that there is no threat per se (if it existed in the first place!) from it.

Nonetheless, any mention of Waterville would be incomplete without a reference to The Columbian House, which is why we refer to it over here. Also, remember that once in Waterville, you are sure to pass by it practically every day and cite it regarding the location of your property and its distance from The Columbian House.

Along with The Columbian House, the Interurban Bridge is another prominent landmark of Waterville. While standing abandoned for several years, the milestone is in the National Register of Historic Places.

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