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Maybe You Can Sell Your House Without A Realtor?

    Thinking of selling your home For Sale by Owner?

    Maybe you can sell a house by yourself.  At first it may seem like selling your home is a simple endeavor.  It’s actually a fairly complicated legal and financial process.  There are inspections, deed restrictions, qualifying the buyer, negotiating repairs, possession dates, federal and state disclosures and regulations, the list goes on…

    Most successful sales of a house by owner are more or less pre-arranged, to family, or friends, or neighbors.  If you have somebody who is already interested in buying your house, then maybe you can make it work!

    Remember, when negotiating sale price or terms or repairs, or ‘extra money back’, or ‘down payment assistance’ with a stranger, you can easily fall into what seems like financial quicksand. Make sure you know how to tell if the “buyer” is legally and financially able to finish the process.  If the deal falls apart then your house will have been off the market for months while you waited in vain. Even worse, if your house ends up not selling, then you may not have the down payment or credit strength to complete your own purchase of whatever home comes next. In other words, when one real estate deal falls apart, there is often another deal connected to it, relying on proceeds of sale, or elimination of payment to qualify for a mortgage on the new home you thought you would be moving into.

    Because I sell so many houses, I know how to prevent the most common types of real estate sales problems. In the Real Estate profession, the old saying is true…”getting an accepted offer on a property is just the beginning. Perhaps you want a Realtor to help you with the paperwork for a reduced fee since there were no marketing costs and no showings to other buyers? I can help you with that!

    Find Your Home’s Value in Today’s Market.  Have you ever wondered why a certain in house in your neighborhood sold for you much less or more than you expected? That’s why you need to consult with a professional real estate representative to carefully evaluate your home’s value in today’s market.

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